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What is a Intensive Driving Course?

An intensive driving course includes all you need to pass your test in a short period of time with one-to-one tuition. By shortening the time between lessons you should need less time to re-cap, speeds up your learning and overall it can cost less on average too.

Select your Intensive Driving Course below or Contact us to discuss your options.

Re-Test Special


Who is it suitable for?

People who are test ready or just recently failed and need a retest? If so our shortest course is perfect you. It will focus on familiarising yourself with the new car and carry out an assessment to check you're test ready.

Experience Level

You’ve either failed a test recently or have been told by an instructor that you’re test ready

Course Duration:

3-7 Days



Who is it suitable for?

Driven confidently with family or friends? Recently been for a test? If you failed with only 1 or 2 serious faults this may be the course for you. The focus will be to work in 1 or 2 areas of weakness and build your confidence in the new car.

Experience Level

You’re an experienced driver who just needs a few tweaks to become test-ready

Course Duration:

1-2 Weeks

Refresher Plus

Best Seller


Who is it suitable for?

Unsure if you're fully prepared for your driving test? Our course is designed to address and improve the areas where you may need additional assistance. Let us help you refine your skills and give you the confidence to pass with flying colors!

Experience Level

You’re a fairly experienced driver who needs to work on a couple of key skills

Course Duration:

1-3 weeks



Who is it suitable for?

Had 20 hours previously with a driving instructor? Or driven with family and friends but not done manoeuvres or worked on your Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre? if you have good control of the car but need help with roundabouts/complicated traffic systems or manoeuvres.

Experience Level

You’re roughly halfway through your driving journey and still have skills to learn

Course Duration:

2-4 weeks



Who is it suitable for?

Had around 10 lessons with an instructor? Want to pass quickly? This course will teach you the majority of the skills you'll need to pass your test including all the manoeuvres.

Experience Level

You have a little bit of driving experience under your belt but lots more to learn

Course Duration:

2-4 weeks



Who is it suitable for?

Accelerate your driving journey with our beginner course designed for confident and efficient learners. Choose between an intensive program or a more relaxed pace over a longer period. Learn all necessary skills to pass your test, tailored to your personal pace

Experience Level

You’re a beginner and a fast learner who’s eager to master the road and get test-ready

Course Duration:

3-6 weeks

You must have passed your theory test before you can Enrol to a Intensive Course.

Intensive Course FAQ

No. There’s no other additional charges. 

Intensive driving courses are a growing and more popular alternative to the traditional approach of having 1 lesson per week.

Rather than spending over 6 to 12 months. Many people prefer intensive courses as it helps keeps the driving practice fresh in your mind, making it possible to pass faster than the traditional single lessons approach.

Your practical tests will be booked using our automated Fast Track system to get you the earliest possible date.

We have our own Fast Track system which constantly monitors for cancellations so that we can reserve those slots and find you driving tests at short notice. 

The duration of an intensive driving course can vary depending on the driving school and the needs of the learner driver. Typically, an intensive driving course can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The length of the course is often determined by the number of hours of driving lessons included in the course and how many lessons the learner driver can comfortably fit into their schedule. Our intensive driving courses start with as little as 6 hours of driving lessons over a few days, while others can include up to 45 hours of lessons over several weeks. It is important to discuss your specific needs and goals with us to determine the best course length for you.

Absolutely. The courses are tailored around you. When you first speak with the instructor just let them know what pace you want to learn at.

Test Centre will most likely be a local one within London. E.g.  Chingford, Hornchurch, Hitter Green, Wanstead, Loughton, Sidcup, Belvedere, Erith, Tilbury, Wood Green, Enfield, Brentwood Etc. It’s not guarantee we can always find a test date within your preferred centre, however we try our best to get you one. 

You are required to pay 50% of the total at the start of the course and the remaining balance half way through the course.

The Package includes: Driving lessons Practical test £62 DVSA fee weekday, £98 Fast Track test booking admin fee. £140 Car Hire on the day of test.